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Advanced KVM & AV Management System

Control Room Solutions

Our products help you to optimise the visualisation of critical data and bring collaboration in the control room to a whole new level.

DKM - HD Video switching

Our DKM system delivers instant switching in four different modes
for data center, control room, pooling and similar applications.
See features and applications in this brochure.

Modular DKM Extenders

For flexible KVM Extensions
Mix and match interfaces according to your needs.

KVM-over-IP extension with Agility

Go farther, do more, with this digital KVM-over-IP extension,
matrix switching, and multicasting solution. Perfect digital video
and new flexible topology for KVM Extension and KVM Switching.

Broadcasting Solutions

We feature Case Studies and KVM solutions for
Broadcast Control Room and Post-Production.

Simple switch between 4 seperate computers

Fast, easy switching simply by moving a mouse. Work more efficiently
and clear up desktop clutter with the ServSwitch Freedom.
See how it works and how easy it is to install

ServSwitch Secure - an ultra-secure KVM switch

Combat a range of potential data leakage threats with these
ultra-secure switches. EAL4+ Certified/TEMPEST Level I approved.


In deze handleiding ervaart u, waaruit een videowall bestaat, meer over de technologie achter videowalls en vijf soorten videowalls die gebruikt worden voor eenvoudige tot complexe toepassingen.

Betere tools, betere vergaderingen: Zorg voor een goed werkende vergaderruimte.

Dit eBook bekijkt twee fictieve bedrijven – één met optimale tools in de vergaderruimte, één zonder. Welk bedrijf bent u?

MediaCento - HDMI video over an IP network

For faster, more efficient HD content distribution.
Extend HDMI video over an IP network to as many as
250 distant screens — or to video walls!

Visual Technology Solutions

Black Box has an extensive line of visual technology products, specifically
digital signage players, video wall controllers, video extenders, and video matrix
solutions to solve your customers' multimedia needs.

A Beginners Guide to Digital Signage

Improve communications. Digital Signage from BLACK BOX®.
Increase sales. Educate. Notify. Alert.
Deliver the right message at the right time.

Digital Signage with iCOMPEL™

Learn about our award-winning range of iCOMPEL
Digital Signage players.
The ideal solution for SMB's.

Fibre To The Desktop

Increase the Security of Your Network with Fibre to the Desktop

Pro Switching Systems

Industry-leading solutions to prevent downtime and ensure network access.

LanXPLORER PRO - In-line network tester

The LanXPLORER PRO is the most comprehensive network tester on the
market with extensive test capability in copper and fibre.

Alertwerks - Monitoring hubs and Intelligent Sensors

Guard your mission-critical IT equipment against
physical threats—remotely. Monitors temperature,
humidity, water, airflow, motion, and voltage.

Elite Cabinet and Rack Enclosures

Custom enclosures without the custom price.

LOCKPORT Security Patch Cables

Secure network ports from unauthorized access and accidental disconnects.

SpaceGAIN – Angled patch cables

Cabinet real estate is expensive. Gain 10 cm of valuable cabling space with SpaceGAIN.

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