HTM is a private company in public transport, using coaches, trams, light rail and hired transport. They transport more than 133 million of passengers under the authority of the district Haaglanden.
Every day HTM transports approximately 350.000 passengers by coach and tram. HTM's ambition is to transport these passengers in the most safe and comfortable way possible. To this end HTM increased the number of ticket inspectors, hired security teams and installed security camera's in coaches and trams.

The solution
HTM has a few control rooms at its disposal with which it can monitor equipment and people (employees and passengers). They use multiple camera's from which the signal is transported to personal computers which are located in server rooms. Using KVM-extenders those video signals are extended from the server room to the control centre which is staffed by dispatch workers.

HTM also uses KVM-switches with which the dispatch worker can switch to a different screen to zoom in when he thinks something alarming takes place. The instant he focuses on a certain image, these images are recorded immediately and automatically. From the control room he can communicate with drivers, maintenance people and security teams.

Using a KVM-switch saved HTM money because they needed to invest less in expensive software licenses. Software licenses. They use special software that enables them to switch the power on or off for their trams immediately in case of emergencies. The ServSwitch provides four users access to the application, needing only one software license.
One person (with a password) at a time has access to the application, the other three people can observe the process from their workstations.

The products
HTM uses KVM-extender hubs with 6 connections and 8 remote units. The KVM-switches used within the application are Matrix ServSwitches assembled on a rack.

Because the application has to be completely reliable HTM purchased the extended FIDO-protection warranty for the equipment. In the exceptional circumstance a product malfunctions, they're certain the product will be repaired instantly.

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