Case Study Danish School

Danish School Uses Black Box Emerald® KVM for Reliable Remote IT Support


A group of 17 middle schools in and around the Danish city of Elsinore rely on a centralised IT department with seven staff members to provide technical support to students and teachers. Because students typically bring their own devices or borrow a community computer, the IT department handles issues across a variety of operating systems and devices. The distance between schools and unpredictable demand for IT support present further challenges for the IT department, particularly in providing support where and when it is needed.


Members of the IT staff traditionally visited the schools on a rotating schedule. However, this failed to address the need for support when issues occurred and also incurred the time and cost of travel — up to 20 km each way — even when no support was required. To eliminate the inefficiency of scheduled visits and to improve students’ day-to-day access to tech support, the IT department decided to deploy a network-based solution for remote IT support and troubleshooting. The department turned to the Emerald® high-performance KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) platform from Black Box.

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Solution Provided: Emerald® 4K and HD KVM over IP Matrix Switching and Extension

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