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  • Pushes multimedia content across a campus or across the world.

  • Affordable and easy to scale as your enterprise grows.

  • More features, fewer headaches than similar enterprise solutions available.

  • No recurring licensing fees. Low cost of ownership.

  • Ad network support.

  • No learning curve to overcome; easy to master, but loaded with sophisticated tools.

  • Features a drag-and-drop interface for content creation.

  • It's from an industry leader who can give you everything you need for an end-to-end signage system - saving you both time and money.
A powerful platform.

  • Manage digital content easily from one site to another with iCOMPEL EDS. 

  • This system gives you total control of signage content at the corporate, central administrative office, or government agency level.

  • Update content from anywhere you have an Internet connection to change screen presentations and customize messaging.

  • The iCOMPEL EDS software gives you an intuitive platform for creating eye-catching presentations, scheduling playout, and grouping players.

  • It also gives you the ablility to fully leverage the revenue-generating potential of ad networks.

  • In addition to Flash, HTML, and RSS feeds, it plays H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, and QuickTime® media; multicast video; JPEG and PNG images; MP3 audio; and more. 

  • Plus, USB touchscreen compatibility is included at no extra charge.
Choose you solution:

For assembling signage content and managing your enterprise signage, order the iCOMPEL EDS Manager Software License. It's a VMware® server application - ideal for virtualized cloud computing environments.

Then for each screen, you'll need to order an EDS-SS10 subscriber unit.

We also offer an EDS-PP30 publisher for smaller (<10 screens) setups.

For more information:

Want to distribute content to 1-10 screens and don't need ad network or Windows support? See our award-winning, original iCOMPEL platform.

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