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CAT6A Channel Solution


CAT6a channel solutions

CAT6A channel solution for high-performance applications

Get performance well beyond the 500-Mhz CAT6A spec with our CAT6A channel solution. It consists of component-level and channel-rated bulk and patch cable, patch panels and jacks. In addition, the GigaTrue 3 patch cables feature LockPORT™ boots, giving you optional security when you need it.

Product Overview

  Shielded Unshielded
Bulk Cable
Shielded cable for long runs in electrically noisy environments
CAT6A F/UTP Solid Bulk Cable, 650MHz
Delivers channel performance beyond CAT6A standards.
CAT6A UTP GigaTrue Solid Bulk Cable, 23-AWG, 650-MHz, Riser PVC CMR
Move to 10-GbE with this ETL Verified 650-MHz cable.
CAT6A Shielded Jack
Fully shielded for CAT6A F/UTP channels.
GigaTrue2 CAT6A Jacks
CAT6A jacks ready for 10-GbE networks.
Patch Panel
CAT6A Blank Patch Panel, 24-Port
The right panel for your CAT6A channel.
GigaTrue® CAT6A Staggered Blank Patch Panel
Staggered design helps minimize ANEXT in CAT6A 10-GbE applications.
Patch Cable
CAT6A S/FTP Patch Cable
CAT6A patch cables with high performance and immunity to EMI/RFI interference.
CAT6A F/UTP GigaTrue® 3 TAA Patch Cable, Lockable
Get component-level performance with optional lock ability—no need to replace existing cables.

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