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Solutions For Fibre To The Desktop

When security is on the line

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With an expanding focus on high-performance solutions, Black Box has developed a comprehensive fibre-to-desktop suite to address the network and physical security requirements of information-sensitive enterprises. This solution provides optimised security, extended reach, unlimited bandwidth, superior reliability, and enhanced total cost of ownership.

Applications For Fibre To The Desktop

fibre DOD image

Department of Defense

Highly reliable with unsurpassed bandwidth, speed, and security—fibre to the desktop is a perfect fit for defense.

fibre financial centers image

Financial Centers

With unmatched speed and bandwidth, fibre to the desktop keeps sensitive equipment and data safe and secure.

fibre enterprise level business image

Enterprise Level Business

Grow your business with fibre to the desktop's unmatched speed, reliability, security, and cost of ownership.

fibre industrial automation image

Industrial Automation

Dirt, dust, moisture, vibrations, and extreme temperatures are no match for industrial-strength fibre to the workstation.

fibre retail point of sale image

Retail Points-of-Sale

Fibre to the POS provides reliable and secure remote user access to system resources that are safely tucked away.

mission control centers image

Mission Control Centers

The reliability, speed, bandwidth, and security benefits of fibre to the desktop are ideal for command and control centers.

Explore Our Solutions

fibre networking


Network interface cards, plug-and-play media converters , and USB adapters enable secure fibre integration with any platform or operating system.

fibre cable


Expedite fibre to the desktop with custom pre-terminated fibre cable and add an extra layer of security to your network with color-coded locking patch cables and port plugs.

remote access

Remote Access

Ensure the security of your data by separating the user interface peripherals and monitor from the CPU and servers with KVM extension technology.

fibre secure cabinets

Secure Cabinets

Protect your most crucial network components with secure cabinets (available for sound attenuation, climate-control, and harsh industrial environments.)

Fibre To The Desktop

fibre to the floor diagram


Enhance floor-to-floor and office-to-office security by replacing vertical or trunk copper feeds with up to 40 Gb lossless single path, redundant path, or self-healing fibre optic cables and electronics.

fibre desktop diagram


Improve security, reliability, bandwidth, and total cost-of-ownership by extending the benefits of fibre to the office with fibre to the desktop with preterminated, certified fibre optic cable and media converters.

Secure Fibre To The Desktop

stage 2 intermediate diagram


Eliminate physical threats with locking connectors at each junction for fibre and copper endpoints

stage 3 advanced security diagram


Further enhance physical security by preventing any physical access at fibre or copper interconnection points with secure locking enclosures, locking connectors, and utility room locking cabinets.

stage 4 high-performace diagram


Effectively manage remote workstation access to secured data facilities with high-perfomance KVM, (keyboard, video, and mouse), combined with the benefits of fibre optic cable.

stage 4 high-performance over ip diagram


Provide secure access to data remotely with enhanced physcal and virtual security, routing each desktop to a virtualised workstation in a secure IT facility with high-perfomance KVM over IP.


Increase the Security of Your Network with Fibre to the Desktop

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How Media Converters Deliver Cost-Effective Fibre Connectivity

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