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USB - Plug and Play

USB makes adding peripherals to your computer incredibly easy

Black Box Explains

Black Box Explains: USB (Universal Serial Bus)

Main attraction
USB's main attraction is that it makes adding peripherals to your computer incredibly easy. It enables you to connect peripherals to the outside of the computer so you don't have to open your PC.

Plug and Play
A USB peripheral simply plugs right into the port and works. You don't need to install a card; you don't even need to turn off your computer—USB devices are completely hot-swappable. Because USB also distributes power, many USB devices don't require a separate power supply, although a bus-powered device must be attached upstream to either a host PC or a powered hub.

The Black Box explain series make technology simple. It provides you with a clear, concise overview concerning the topics of USB, so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

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