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Plant server management

Plant server management

KVM solutions in the energy sector

KVM SolutionsCompanies in the energy sector, whether involved in one of the new methods of power generation or in the more traditional forms of energy provision, they all need to monitor and control processes to ensure safety, efficiency and reduce operational costs where applicable. Supporting NOCs and IOCs, Black Box has presence in most OPEC member states, along with the skills and experience to provide the most suitable solutions currently available.

So whether your company is involved in CTL or GTL conversion, GOSP, NG, or LNG it is critical to monitor input and output processes at all stages.

ESPs often employ Black Box ServSwitch equipment to help within their O&M centres, easing workflow and providing high levels of availability of all their monitoring equipment and the systems they service.

A KVM Solution for each environment

KVM Solutions in the Energy Sector

Black Box can offer a variety of KVM solutions for your control room. Depending on the size of your plant, the IT infrastructure and the technologies being used, our Black Box experts will advise you with the right solution.

Here is an overview of KVM Solutions which are used in Control rooms


KVM Advantages

KVM Solutions in the Energy Sector

ServSwitch KVM technology provides the flexible and scaleable platform to present users with all the tools they require to keep the energy systems up and running 24/7.

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KVM solutions for Energy Sector

Our clients within Energy sector

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