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Our video extenders comparison table helps you identify the key differences between our HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA and SDI/analogue video extenders so you can pick the right system depending on the requirements for your installation and your project budget.

Maximize your signal reach without the need for expensive new cabling, and deliver pixel-perfect video to remote displays. Black Box extenders are guaranteed to bring you the flexibility and scalability you need to transmit video with or without audio and control signals over the distance for point-to-point extensions or networked digital signage settings.

Give your HD video a boost by extending it over CATx or fibre optic cable. Using current infrastructure saves time and money. Sending video signals over fibre means, they can travel long distances with the added benefit of optical isolation and noise immunity.

With Black Box's Video Extenders, you can extend any video signal through dedicated wires or even over a network. Browse our Black Box Video Extenders alternatives and efficiently extend the reach of your installations and future-proof your system.

HDMI Extenders

Display HDMI audio/video on remote displays with crystal-clear images. Select your model depending on your required range, resolution and signal set.

Distance up to Video Support IR RS232/
USB Ethernet Power to receiver Part Number
HDMI cable
35m 1080p           VR-HDMI-50M
50m 1080p         AVU8010A
60m 1080p, 3D, HDCP           VX-HDMI-TP-3D40M
40m/70m 4K/1080p     VX-HDB-KIT
40m/70m 4K/1080p       VX-HDB-RX
40m/70m 4K/1080p     VX-HDB-TX
40m/70m 4K/1080p     AVX-HDMI2-HDB-KIT
70m 4K HDCP         VX-HDMI-TP-70M
100m 1080p, 3D, HDCP       VX-HDMI-TP-100M
100m 4K HDCP VX-1001-RX
300m 4K/60 4:4:4       AVX-HDMI2-FO-HDB-KIT
2km 1080p, 3D, HDCP           VX-HDMI-FO
100m per segment 1080p         VX-HDMI-HDIP-RX
100m per segment 4K         VX-HDMI-4KIP-RX
IP H.264
100m per segment 1080p           VS-2000-ENC
100m CATx 4K/60, 4:4:4       MCX-S7-ENC
100m CATx 4K/60, 4:4:4       MCX-S7-DEC
100m CATx 4K/60, 4:4:4, Scaling     MCX-S9-ENC
100m CATx 4K/60, 4:4:4, Scaling     MCX-S9-DEC
100m CATx/FO 4K/60, 4:4:4, Scaling       MCX-S9C-ENC
100m CATx/FO 4K/60, 4:4:4, Scaling       MCX-S9C-DEC
100m CATx/FO 4K/60 4096x2160 @ 60 Hz     MCX-S9D-ENC

DisplayPort Extenders

Reach distant screens with our 4K DisplayPort 1.2 extenders.

Distance up to Video Support Audio RS232/ Control USB Ethernet PoE to receiver Part Number
100m 4K, HDCP     UVX-DP-TP-100M
100m CATx/FO 4K/60, 4:4:4, HDCP       MCX-S9C-ENC
100m CATx/FO 4K/60, 4:4:4, HDCP       MCX-S9C-DEC

DVI Extenders

Need to connect a local DVI source to a remote Full HD display? Select from our wide DVI extender offer extending Single Link DVI or Dual Link DVI with or without audio and control signals over CATx or Fibre.

Distance up to Video Support Audio RS232/ Control Line/IC powered receiver Part Number
DVI cable
27m 1920x1200       VR-DVI
50m 1600x1024       ACS2001A-R3
50m 1920x1200     AVU8011A
100m 1920x1200   AVX-DVITP-100M
1500m 1920x1200 AVX-DVI-FO-MINI
750m 1920x1200     AC1037A-MM

VGA Extenders

Use our VGA extenders if you need to transmit VGA-signals (and audio) to distant displays. With our videos extenders you are guaranteed to have high quality video processing through EDID-management and DeSkew functions.

Distance up to Video Support Audio RS232 Scalable to distribution system Line/IC powered receiver Part Number
150m 1024x768       AC555A-R2
150m 1600x1200     AC504A
150m 1920x1200       AVU4001A
150m 1920x1200       VX-VGA520-K
300m 1280x1024     AVU5001A
300m 1920x1200   AVU6001A
300m 1920x1200   AVX-VGA-TP-TX
30km 1080i       AC1020A

SDI/Analogue Extenders

Need to extend high quality SDI video for remote monitors in broadcast applications? Want to show the content from HDTV-sources on far off screens? Here are the solutions for you.

Distance up to Video Support SDI Analogue Video Audio Part Number
100m 3G   IC800A
2.4km PAL,Secam,NTSC     AC444AE